it just can’t compare

August 13, 2007 at 4:03 pm (Uncategorized)

ok so lets talk avatars and real like surreal life games. wow ok understandable for many people to get hooked on them…not me but i pretty much hate game slike this b/c of my smelly roomates playing WOW for days without showering and peeing in bottles…awesome i know! but thats besides the point, the point is i totally get some people who are unable to get or do many of the things that their characters are able to do after earning enough money of course. but i really have a much harder tim eunderstanding the people who are able to hav jobs in the real world, and who cannot sav up money in the same way and then being able to lets say skydive. now if i wanted which i DO NOT, but if i wanted to skydive, i certainly could not imagine comparing the experince on my little laptop to the real thing. it is uncomprehensable to me, b/c their is little that i could feel as an able boddied person that would be able to compare to the real thing.

and i get that money, dissabilities, or anyother extenuating circumstance can change plans, this summer i had planned a vegas trip with my best friend, but neither of us can afford it right now…so i don’t get cranky and create an avatar and take it to vegas, i wait and save up. now we have discussed in class our societies attention deficiet disorder before and this is excxtaly my point, if you cannot phsically do it then great make a charater and take it to vegas, or dancing or really seems like the options are limitless; but if you are able and can wait why not? i know there is nothing that can compare to the real thing so i just won;t bother with making a mini-me.

so i guess if you are so in need of going to do all those avatar activities and you want to, or you cannot do them in real life, but all the power and supprt to you; but why again to we need this constant pleasure/satisfaction and entertainment…

i hate to leave this open, but if anyone is reading this plz offer me some suggestions b/c i just cannot seem to wrap my little sweet head around it…maybe i’m just too hungover!

ill leave you with a simple clip or what i would be doing right now if i could, rather than creating an avatar and parading it around, just some real footae to maybe help get my point across…

lol hope you enjoy…if IF i ever made myself an avatar i want to be her =)


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cotinued irony

August 10, 2007 at 9:26 pm (Uncategorized)

don;t know if many people know about other fantastic sites that are hialriously ironic….well atleast to me. but my friend told me about the most wonderful one! the largest tobacco comapny in the united states, philipmorris has the best one i have ever seen. the site actually is about cigarettes and smoking etc, but the best part of their site is their ironic and kind of sad links on the site to ‘smoking kills’ sites, and cancer society etc. i mean i know that cigarrette companies don;t want underage kids to be smoking…even though they always target children/young adults to smoke b/c they want life time buyers….but then one fabulous link on the homepage is all about how to talk to your children about not somking….even though it looks cool…jokes! lol

oh i find these very humurous, and i hope you do too! so just for some fun try checking out the website at this link,

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heal the world…buy leather!

August 8, 2007 at 7:06 pm (Uncategorized)

you know with all the talk about people living forever and the world taking a huge toll on its environment because of too many people/waste and lack of resources. then we are bombarded with commercials from campaigns like ‘flick off’ and using hybrid cars, and how environmentalism can be cool. and i am a bit of a hippy at heart…but sometimes i feel like i don’t know what to do. referring to another blog done today a paperless world would seem quite helpful to the environment right now. the world is changing and getting more extreme in natural disasters, storms, and everything seems to be getting bumped up a notch, or five. my point being i was looking at the ‘flick off’ campaign today and one of their websites is resourced by roots. now this is all well and good, but…BUT if you visit the roots website link, you may be surprised, or not, by the visible online store attached specifically to the website. including a link to purchase leather bags! now i am not crazy against fur/leather…and i really enjoy steak but i felt like that was really tacky and shocking! if you are trying to help out with the environment then why would you even have some kind of link to sell bags made from cow skin. wow how sad does that seem, i am all for energy saving, but it seems like that particular link was sad and ironic and just wasn’t taking the subject (of global warming and feed lots/cows farms) seriously.

mind you some proceeds will go to help the environment blah…but seriously if you are going to try and look like a good supporting site/company then don’t sell leather bags on your friggin’ website! seriously no class!

here’s the link…check it out if not even to just shake your head=)

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but i want a cannon arm!

August 7, 2007 at 8:06 pm (Uncategorized)

i liked your podcast paul…but anyways cell phones are oh so important to many peoples communication with their work, their friends and even safety. i know i do not make a long trip without mine in case i get stuck on the side of  the road etc. sometimes you joke with friends who always have their cell phone on them…and you know we all know someone or even a few people like that! and even you have friends like this even if you are that friend.=) we just have to kind of realize that in our society we will become dependent on things like cell phones more and more, just as we have become dependent on what we don’t even consider high technology anymore like electricity or cars for that matter! and yes cell phones make great alarms, some quick things like remembering birthdays way in advance you can program it in to tell you months later! they are a mini phone book, and picture and video receiver etc.

i used to date this guy that also hated cell phones but then now he has one. although its only pay as you go  and he barely uses it before he didn’t even have a house phone first…shocking i know butu just the fact that he had one is a huge laugh for me b/c i had gotten teased so badly for getting one by him. he thought they were silly, and although like you refined he does not want to be completely attached and controlled by his phone, and wont always answer or doens’t alway shave it on.

then also when you interviewed your friends mom, she has a similar attitude about having to feel controlled by cell phones and always having to pick them up when they ring etc. lol i just realized they are like a baby kind’a.  anyways but when i was in highschool i really wanted to get call waiting so i could talk to several friends or just to know when someone had called and my mom being very determined not to get it for me b/c she said ‘when you devote your time to someone by calling them then you shouldn’t leave them to have another conversation with someone else…its rude’ etc. and you know we do it all the time today…and maybe b/c we can accept so much more information atone time than before b/c we are literally bombarded by information and crap from everyone that we do have a increased capability to manage several conversations at once. i can text and talk to some one in front of me most often than not. no i don’t seem terribly rude, or at least no one’s ever said anything to me, and i let me friends to it around me too b/c sometimes it happens or its important or whatever…we are going out with that person later and they are asking for a ride…no big deal. but my mom and i know a lot of my friends parents think its so unbelievable rude and disrespectful.

in conclusion cell phones will soon be part of our arms! THE END!

just for good measure plz see this video!

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ha ha you’re old

August 7, 2007 at 6:51 pm (Uncategorized)

age…we thought it was unavoidable, but now wow we can do so much to reverse aging and look and feel younger. aside from obvious more extreme measures such as cosmetic surgery, even just making sure you moisturize your body and face we can help stop looking so old…and apparently gross. i have a good friend who is quite enraptured by old people and she thinks they are just beautiful and gorgeous and even though we tease her maybe more and more people should just accept the fact that aging will happen. i am just about to turn 23 and i have a wrinkle…this may cause some serious emotions for people, but i also realize that its because i spent so much time in the sun being a lifeguard and got way too much sun that i know its my fault and i have accepted it as part of me. and i think that may be how many people feel is wrong with aging. as they said multiple time on the video i don’t feel old so why do i age, and blah blah blah. they may feel like a wrinkle is a foreign enemy invading their bodies. but alas they are not, and it will happen, no matter how much restalane, and botox you inject into your skin eventually you cannot cheat death forever. and yes it really doesn’t help that so many celebrities are gorgeous anyways, but also that they seem quite static in time, many of them are going through procedures and even hours of makeup/preparation for the day. not to mention they can easily afford better procedures and surgeries and then become like dolls who never age.

i felt that video was very odd, mainly because i never realized there were that many people affacted by tom cruise’s movie vanilla sky lol, and really want to cheat death and aging and want to go on to live forever!

i vaguly remember an old tale about this guy who found a genie and he wished for two things that i cannot remember now and then he wished to be eternal…then he hated his life when the genie visited him for old times sake, then the man hated himself for wishing for it becaue he has watched all of his friends and family die. and he realized that everyone he ever will care about will die.

so i guess moral is people need to die, get over it it will happen and as we all also learned from one of out favourite old teen actors devon sawa in  final destination we cannot ever really cheat death!

ok so this is a random clip made by a  kid with way too much time on his hands…he does swear a few times…actually kind of excessively but the moral of the story is DON’T CHEAT DEATH!

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oh facebook…you strike again!

August 3, 2007 at 6:10 pm (Uncategorized)

i am almost beginning to believe that facebook is becoming a nemisiss of mine! facebook stalking has reached an all time high and now its really starting to make me mad! aside from being able to add just about anybody if you do not limit you profile(which i might add takes some time) but the fact that just about anybody can read your information. now facebook tends to also ask some very personal questions. for example there is an option for not only simpler things like which sex are you interested in, and you choose men or women. ok no so scandalous, but then some questions like which kind of politics do you believe in? then there are options like very liberal to very conservative…wow does that not seem like a loaded question to anyone else??? then there is also an option for religion…what religion do you follow? then there a number of options including ‘other’ then you can write your own. now i worry about people maybe saying they are men who are interested in men…like there are people out there who might send then hateful messages or something. maybe i am being paranoid b/c i got facebook stalked a lot before i changed my profile. but i mean how do some people handle things…but finding out someone is gay at their high school and then bringing a gun? ok so now i sounds bit crazy but it seems like there are just more and more crazy kids out there. ok yeah facebook also has a “you have to 17” rule sign in…but they don’t verify in any way all you do is change your birthday. so whats to stop younger teens from doing it? nothing!

this kind of stuff is going under the radar way too much, you can ban this kind of stuff at school/work etc. but you can’t stop facebook. you can get access to the library, internet cafes,  a friends house or at home. and this kind of dramatic teen crap seems to be working its way into the schools and in many cases ending in violence…

facebook you have disappointed me, and no you don’t have to fill out much of your profile but if you choose to remember you can reprimanded for certain decision by certain  people who may feel differently sometimes.

the count now:      roz-0/facebook-2

here’s a sample profile for you to paruse…

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hack the planet

August 2, 2007 at 4:42 pm (Uncategorized)

so once we realized hacking began further back than we thought, it is really interesting to see how and why these guys did what they did. hackers were just a bunch of really smart guys who were bored and wanted to try something fun, and interesting. and also the thrill of not getting caught was also a huge driving factor. its like an extreme nerd sport or something…with an adrenaline rush.

in the chapter we read we learn that castell agrees with the rest of the hackers themselves and probably a growing idea of what hackers were then, that they were seeking a thrill, and not trying to cause mass damage or nuclear war at the touch of a phone.

the problem is again this kind of injustice, this labeling people today are absolutely obsessed with. if we as humans can’t put a label on it…well then it just doesn’t make sense! we need to categorize everything! and yes i can see people saying ok we are curious and want to know. well thats fair but why do we have to label stuff that is incorrect or unfair, and unexplained just b/c one guy in a black robe says its ‘wrong’. i wonder what computers would have been like today if these ‘bad’ hckers who have developed so much of our base hardware would have been able to create without having to hold secret meetings, or mask identities. what if they had been allowed to do whatever they wanted would we have had the internet way sooner? what kind of machines would help us with our homework and day to day activities?

it really amazes me that we as humans who love progress pretty much for the sake of progress would have disbanded so many groups that could have created something so more than we have today.

and no the trailer from the ultimate hackers move other than ‘war games’ which is also a gem…introducing ‘Hackers’ (with angelina and sickboy from ‘trainspotting’) enjoy this mid 90’s favourite of mine!=)

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damn you facebook

August 1, 2007 at 6:46 pm (Uncategorized)

so i am choosing to write about facebook status’s. lately i have been on facebook alot and i had a relationship status as ‘its complicated’ although i did have a boyfriend a while back and now we have been through a lot and very confusing times i had the status’ its complucated’ to mean in general its compicated with anyone and trying to find someone or whatever. so then all of a sudden his friends were emailing him and asking if we were still dating. we had a huge fight and i then changed my status thinking that might help. not so much! then i recieved about ten emails and messages from my friends asking me if i was alright and it ended up being a huge mess.

facebook although i will promte it for people you never see or don’t talk with often but man it makes you so nosey. you can facebook stalk way too easily. so there are upsides and downsides. it all depends on how much you want people to see.

which do you have on your facebook? i want to be nosey too!

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bad connection

July 31, 2007 at 6:34 pm (Uncategorized)

i will never claim to be a computer/internet wizard, i have trouble opening emails all the time and still cannot seem to cut and paste worth a damn since i had to get a friend to help me put in my nifty photo of a “bad conection”. my story is short and somewhat sad, and has most likely affected me greater level.

although playing simple childrens games all my life on a Mac, my father was an art prof and generally his schools provided him with Mac’s to teach with and he always got to take one home…finally my mother insisted we get a ‘real computer’ when i was in grade 7. so 1997 roles around and the Dryden’s get a computer and the internet. i was a complete internet virgin! it was like a new world just waiting to be discovered. but living in the country put our dream to a halt, our internet was so slow and lagged everytime you wanted to see something. so i started up a hotmail address and set myself up with ICQ (remeber that one? lol) and i tried depserately to talk to my friends. but alas it was no use, my bad connection because of weher we lived ruined it! to be comepletely honest i think i then may have deiceded to hate computers and the internet, becasue i seem to have spent most of my ‘online life’ being confused and lost, and getting angry.

and thats my sad story…=(

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July 30, 2007 at 7:13 pm (Uncategorized)

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